Greens Frozen Fruit of the Forest Mix 450g

Greens Frozen Fruit of the Forest Mix 450g

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A frozen fruits of the forest themed mix of: raspberries, red currants, blackcurrants, blueberries and blackberries. Perfect for cooking, jam making and smoothies.


- Nutritional information (gramme / per 100 grammes):

Energy:                             194.17 kJ – 46.69 kcal
Fat:                                   0.25
Of which saturates:          0.03
Carbohydrate:                 5.96

Of which sugars:              5.49
Protein:                            1.21
Salt:                                 0.004


Country of origin: 

raspberries: Serbia, Portugal               

red currant: Poland                   

black currant: Poland

blue berries: Canada, Europe

black berries: Serbia, Chile