Zip Instant Light Barbecue Tray

Zip Instant Light Barbecue Tray

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Zip Instant Barbecue Grill trays are easy and convenient to use. They are ideal for impromptu, no fuss barbecues, wherever you are. They are light to carry yet strong and will not collapse under the weight of your food. There is also no need for extra firelighters or briquettes; everything you need to start cooking is in the tray.

Simply, unwrap the outer packaging, put the tray on the stand and light the wax paper that will ignite the premium FSC® certified (FSC-C107333) lumpwood charcoal beneath. The fuel lasts for up to 90 minutes so there is plenty of time to cook for a small group of friends or family. It is easy to achieve that real outdoor authentic barbecue taste.

Once completed, the tray can be easily thrown away. In many parks and beaches, there are designated instant light barbecue disposal areas. Be sure to use these if they are available.

Preparation and Usage

  • Remove shrink wrap, cardboard tray and label. Leave the starter paper under the grill.
  • Place the grill and stand onto a steady, level, non- flammable heat resistant surface sheltered from the wind.
  • Do not use any firelighter or flammable liquids.
  • To light the barbecue: without removing the grill surface, insert a lit match through the grill holes, under one corner of the starter paper.
  • The charcoal will be ready to cook in approximately 20 minutes depending on outdoor wind conditions.
  • Once flames have died down and the charcoal has ashed over, cooking can begin.
  • If desired, to maintain even heat distribution during cooking, agitate the charcoal by tapping the grill tray with a cooking utensil.